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Lunolet, the Moon flyer

spacecraft simulator for iPhone and iPad

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Dedicated to the 50-th anniversary of the first manned space flight...

Lunolet is not another space flyer game. It is detailed spaceship simulator which is written to help beginners to master the art of spaceflights. It will teach you to fly in the real, not in a simplified game-like, space. The app features precise flight model, realtime calculations and graphics.

Humans will settle on the Moon very soon. Even those who are now 20-30 years old will be able to fly there as a tourist. In 30-40 years there will be a lots of jobs on the Moon. And the most important, interesting, attractive and well-payed job will be a pilot. Thousands of little rockets will fly between lunar bases transporting people, materials and equipment. It's time to learn to be a space pilot!

The word 'Lunolet' came from the Russian language. It means a Moon flyer. This is a small spacecraft, intended to fly between lunar bases but it can do much more! It is 'assembled' from already existing components - body, engine, controls. That's how the lunar rockets will look in the nearest future. In addition to flights between lunar bases you will learn how to:

- go onto orbits around the planets and make all-around-the-world tour with the landing at the take-off point,
- perform flights to orbital stations (there are two of them - cylinder and sphere), make approaching maneuvers and docking,
- make inter-orbit flights between orbital stations,
- perform flights from orbital stations down to the planet.

Beginners are advised to start from 12 Missions which will teach you how to fly in space step-by-step. Reactive propulsion in space differs from aviation as much as aviation differs from driving a car. Detailed explanations can be found in "Learning to fly" section. Experienced pilots can choose the free flight mode and invent their own tasks, change spaceship parameters, try different planets and orbital stations.

Have a good flight and soft landing!


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written by Radislav