Flags Recognizer 1.1

Take a picture of a flag - and the app will determine the country


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This program is intended to recognize country flags.

There are 5 pages in it: Recognize, Results, Catalog, Help and Settings. You can switch between them by tapping on icons along the bottom of the screen.

At first you go to Recognize page and tap the blue button ("Flag") to take a photo of a flag or pick it from the Photo Album. Please use flags with good quality, correct colours, proportions and white balance! If you capture flag from a computer monitor, avoid any kind of banding! Otherwise you'll get errors and faults after recognition.

Using 2-finger gestures (move, pinch-unpinch, rotation) do all of the following:

1) Move the flag to the screen center,

2) Expand the flag to full width of the screen,

3) Rotate the flag strictly horizontally.

Move the upper and lower curtains onto the top and bottom edges of the flag. This is necessary to exclude any interfering background around the flag.

Tap the red button ("Find") to start recognition and find out what country is this.

Double-tap on the flag or the curtains to cancel your transforms. Double-tap again to restore.

Recognition results are shown on Results page. You can see country the winner which is the most relevant to your flag. Tap on Others button to see 5 most relevant results. Tap on any of them to go to Catalog page and see the bigger version of this country flag. You can disable the Intelligent mode temporary with the lamp icon or Algorythm button until the next recognition.

Catalog page contains the world country flags database. It allows you to pick a country by name to see its flag.

Settings page tunes some parameters to adapt the program to the flag you are using.

Intelligent mode helps the program to recognize flags with bad quality. It doesn't do any harm to good flags either. So leave it enabled by default. You can disable it temporary with the lamp icon on Results page until the next recognition.

Always keep "Flag quality" and "Precision" at optimum values except cases when your flag has wrong colors, proportions or white balance. This gives errors after recognizing. Then shift "Precision" and/or "Flag quality" to lower/bad. Don't move them too far (especially together) because it would violate the recognition of normal quality flags. Better take a flag picture again with more decent quality.

In addition you can change the program background image and its brightness.

RESET button returns all the parameters to their factory defaults.

REVIEW button on the Help page lets you go to AppStore and write your opinion about the program. This will help to make it better.

Three icons at the top of this page will lead you to WhiseFlag app web-site, and to our pages on FaceBook and Twitter.

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