Workdays 3.8

The shift work patterns visualizer


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Workdays 3.2 screenshots:
Main ScreenMain Screen   Options pageOptions page
Setting up the shift pattern (page 1)Setting up the shift pattern (page 1)   Setting up the shift pattern (page 2)Setting up the shift pattern (page 2)
Work shift timesColor schemes   Reminders timesCustom colors
Reminder appears on the lock screenHolidays settings   You can close or postpone the reminderAnnual leaves settings
Colour themesOther settings   Custom coloursDaily events
Vacations settingsOther settings   Holidays settingsDaily events
Holidays listOther settings   Miscellaneous settingsDaily events
Day eventsOther settings   Change the day type manuallyDaily events
Day noteOther settings   Shiftworker statisticsDaily events
Main help screenOther settings   Choose month and yearDaily events



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